This project is based on the scripting capabilities of several excellent iOS proxy tools (e.g. Surge, Quantumult X)
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Please note that the scripts or rewrite rules described below may require MITM to be enabled, and the generated root certificate needs to be manually installed and trusted in the system.

Script Overview

Daily-Bonus Script

Application Script name Available Maintenance
京东商城 JD_DailyBonus.js ⚠️(2022/07/03) ⚠️
百度贴吧 TieBa.js (2022/07/03)
吾爱破解 52pojie.js (2022/07/03)
爱奇艺 iQIYI.js (2022/07/03)
快看漫画 KKMH.js (2022/07/03)
哔哩哔哩漫画 Manga.js (2022/07/03)
巴哈姆特 BahamutDailyBonus.js (2022/07/03)

Functionality-enhancing Script

Script name Description
PolicySwitch.js Switch QX,Surge,Loon policy groups using ios shortcut.
DataQuery.js Server(VPN) traffic query based on Sub-Store.
Bili_Auto_Regions.js Bilibili anime auto switch region & show douban rating.
ExchangePoints.js Bilibili Comics points mall auto snap up.
TestFlightAccount.js Merge and share TestFlight accounts

Other Script

Application Script name Description Available
VSCO vsco.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
1Blocker vsco.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
JibJab jibjab.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
美易Picsart PicsArt.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
MIX滤镜大师 MIX.js Unlock in-app purchases (2022/07/03)
Polarr 泼辣 Polarr.js Unlock in-app purchases (2022/07/03)
小影VivaVideo vivavideo.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
CamScanner CamScanner.js Unlock some benefits (2022/07/03)
酷我音乐 Kuwo.js Unlock vip listen (2022/07/03)
知音漫客 Zymh.js Unlock vip chapters (2022/07/03)
香蕉视频 xjsp.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
网易蜗牛读书 wnyd.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
陆琪讲故事 luqi.js Unlock radio (2022/07/03)
WPS Office Wps.js Unlock membership (2022/07/03)
百度网盘 BaiduCloud.js Unlock video speed (2022/07/03)
WeChat Wechat.js Remove Ads (2022/07/03)
皮皮虾 Super.js Remove Ads (2022/07/03)
動畫瘋 BahamutAnimeAds.js Remove Ads (2022/07/03)

Surge File Overview

Surge Ruleset

File name Number Description
WeChat.list 180+ WeChat ruleset (China)
Apple.list 60+ Apple ruleset (Most countries)
Download.list 15+ Some BT, Thunder, download rules.

Surge Module

Module name Description
HuiJuDongManAds.sgmodule Remove APP Ads
IPA_install.sgmodule Use Surge to assist in install IPA (signed version)
TestFlightDownload.sgmodule Remove TestFlight region restrictions
TestFlightAccount.sgmodule Merge and share TestFlight accounts
GetCookie.sgmodule Daily bonus script related
BahamutAnimeAds.sgmodule Remove Bahamut anime Ads

QuantumultX File Overview

File name Description Type
Js.conf Remote script subscription. Rewrite
Js_Remote_Cookie.conf Daily bonus script related Rewrite
TestFlightDownload.conf Remove TestFlight region restrictions Rewrite

Rules of type "Rule" include only ad hosts. Please select the REJECT policy.

Difference between QuantumultX versions (Click to view)
  • AppStore version QX1.0.0 (120) This version is the initial version, JS function is unlimited.

  • AppStore version QX1.0.1 (130) This version adds support V2Ray(protocols), but restricts the keywords of the script VIP type.

  • AppStore version QX1.0.2 (136) This version adds support HTTP(protocols) and relaxes certain script keyword restrictions, but restricts script remote subscriptions

  • AppStore version QX1.0.3 (155) This version removes the keyword restriction and restores the script remote subscription, however, the remote script needs to comment the device ID before execution.

  • AppStore version QX1.0.4 (164) This version completely restricts remote script subscriptions, meaning that all scripts can only use local paths.

  • AppStore version QX1.0.5 (192) This version adds a timed script task function.

  • AppStore version QX1.0.6 (212) This version supports modifying HTTP request body, and replaying HTTP request.

  • AppStore version QX1.0.7 (240) This version supports TLS 1.3 (TLS-based proxy protocol), and Trojan(protocols).

  • ...

  • AppStore version QX1.0.10 (313) In this version, script remote subscription has been restored.

QX1.0.3 add device ID, a simple example:

 * @supported 23AD6B11CD4B

let obj = JSON.parse($response.body)
obj["example"] = 0;

The above random generated device ID can be found at the bottom of Quantumult X additional menu, and it may change after system restore.

Loon File Overview

File name Description Type
Loon_GetCookie.plugin Daily bonus script related Plugin
Loon_TF_Download.plugin Remove TestFlight region restrictions Plugin
Loon_TF_Account.plugin Merge and share TestFlight accounts Plugin
Loon_Bahamut_ADS.plugin Remove Bahamut anime Ads Plugin


In the following disclaimer:

The "Script project" refers specifically to the open source scripts and rules in

The "NobyDa" refers specifically to the author and owner in


  1. Any unlocking and decryption analysis scripts involved in "Script project" are for resource sharing and study purposes only.

  2. Legality, accuracy, completeness and validity cannot be guaranteed. Please make your own judgment based on the actual situation.

  3. You must completely delete the scripts involved decryption from your computer or phone within 24 hours of downloading.


  1. Any user who indirectly uses any of the scripts in "Script project", including but not limited to violating relevant laws and regulations or establishing VPS to spread, NobyDa is not responsible for any privacy breach or other consequences arising therefrom.


  1. Do not use any scripts of "Script project" for commercial or illegal purposes, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.


  1. If any company or individual believes that the scripts in "Script project" may be infringe on rights, you should promptly notify and provide proof of identity and proof of ownership, and we will delete the relevant scripts upon receipt of the relevant documents.


  1. NobyDa is not responsible for any scripts problems, including but not limited to any loss or damage caused by any scripting errors.


  1. Anyone viewing or using in any way, directly or indirectly, the scripts in "Script project" should read this disclaimer carefully, and NobyDa reserves the right to change or supplement this disclaimer at any time.

  2. Once you view, use or copy any of the related scripts in "Script project", you will be deemed to have accepted this disclaimer.